Mental Health Professional (MHP) Job Description with CCDC:

Position Requirements:
Must be a licensed Psychologist, Professional Counselor, Clinical Social Worker, or Registered Nurse. Must hold and maintain a current, unrestricted license in the state of employment, as well as a valid CPR card. A minimum of 3 years’ clinical experience in a mental health care setting is required, with correctional healthcare experience preferred. Must have knowledge and experience in the identification and treatment of mental health and co-occurring substance abuse disorders, discharge planning, principles of social work, basic principles of individual and group behavior, suicide risk assessment, crisis de-escalation techniques, and a working knowledge of psychotropic medications.


Full time, Part time, PRN, Exempt, Non-exempt

Accountable to:
Mental Health Director, Health Services Administrator (HSA), Corporate Mental Health Director

Physical Demands:

Must have the physical and mental capacity to work in an environment that may be less than pristine, and manage and maintain physical and mental health when encountering stressful situations.

Position Summary:

Under the direct supervision of the Mental Health Director, Health Services Administrator (HSA), and Corporate Mental Health Director, the Mental Health Professional (MHP) is responsible for providing mental health care within the scope of their license in the facility.

A. Use knowledge and expertise to ensure that processes and systems are followed appropriately according to policies and procedures, company performance, and accreditation standards.
B. Work cohesively with the Mental Health Director, HSA, Social Services Director (when present), and psychiatric provider(s) in the coordination of the mental health care delivery system, as well as other functions within the facility.
C. Use all functions and applications of TechCare™ relevant to the position with no supervision, and assist with staff training as requested.
D. Communicate effectively with clients, peers, and employees at all levels within the organization. Maintain clear lines of communication throughout issue-resolution processes.
E. Demonstrate personal performance based on professional practice standards, relevant statutes, rules and regulations, and organizational criteria.
F. Demonstrate professionalism by using objectivity, maintaining self-control when under pressure, separating professional from personal issues, displaying emotional maturity, maintaining a high degree of integrity, and promoting a positive work environment by setting an example.
G. Participate in all monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings as assigned and required in accordance with contract compliance.
H. Relay critical information to the next level of management that may have a negative impact on client and/or vendor relations or patient care.
I. Evaluate patients in a variety of settings, including the initial intake area, mental health care unit, emergency situations, housing units, medical housing areas, and segregation units.
J. Participate in educational and training activities related to mental health care for patients, security personnel, and healthcare staff.
K. Assist with evaluating the quality and effectiveness of the mental health services and assist in developing systems to ensure and monitor patient care and safety.
L. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to refer for appropriate care, based on the physical, psychosocial, educational, safety, and related criteria, appropriate to the age of the patient(s) served.
M. Coordinate with healthcare and security staff regarding patients’ mental health care and release dates and ensure an effective discharge summary plan is documented within the patient’s health record.
N. Participate in a collaborative approach of patient management using the knowledge and clinical resources of the health care staff to provide the resolution of diagnostic and therapeutic problems and the implementation of effective solutions.
O. Perform and document mental health evaluations, progress notes, individual and group counseling notes, and suicide watch notes in TechCare™ in a thorough manner that relays a clear picture of the patient for the next clinician who interacts with the patient. Report all significant changes in patient condition to higher level mental health staff for appropriate intervention.
P. Facilitate patient treatment according to company policies and procedures to include, but not limited to, admission and discharge from the mental health unit,
housing change requests, seclusion, suicide precautions, close observation, and observation level changes.
Q. Demonstrate knowledge of DSM-V criteria with appropriate intervention.
R. Conduct group and/or individual counseling for patients, as applicable.
S. Complete at least 12 hours of CEU pertinent to correctional health care annually.

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