Clark County School District is looking to fill 104 positions by the end of the month. If you are interested or know anyone how is interested see the requirements below.



Social Workers and Licensed Health Professionals, SB 515, Section 23

Request for Funds





Clark County School District (CCSD) schools are requesting SB515 section 23 Social Worker/Licensed Mental Health Professional funds to assist in providing a safe and respectful learning environment. This document provides individual narratives for CCSD schools, one budget/budget narrative for all CCSD schools, and a signed assurance section.  Narratives for these funds detail individual CCSD schools identified needs for social workers and/or licensed mental health professionals.


Each school may have a particular focus or focuses based on identified needs from school climate considerations, a Nevada State Department of Education sponsored survey (via AIR), and other contextual factors. The overall goal is to create safe and respectful learning environments at CCSD schools to promote learning and academic achievement.


Specific Social Workers and/or Licensed Mental Health Professionals can assist schools in certain areas including:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Bullying
  • Positive behavior interventions
  • Supports coaching
  • Community health
  • Social and emotional learning
  • School based health centers
  • Family and marriage therapy


Scope of Work

The Scope of work is reflected in the CCSD job description position summary detailed below.


Position Summary

The School Social Workers/ Mental Health Professionals utilize evidence-based and nationally recognized instructional practices to interface with the educational process and meet the needs of schools, students, and families in the Clark County School District. Using a strengths-based and system-wide approach, School Social Workers/ Mental Health Professionals focus on prevention and intervention by facilitating engagement between schools, families, and the community. Using their training in systems theory, advocacy, and cultural competence, as well as the Code of Ethics set by the National Association of Social Workers, School Social Workers/ Mental Health Professionals address the District’s Strategic Imperatives by providing direct services to students and families, linking children, youth, and families to community agency resources, providing Response to Instruction (RTI) Intervention on all three tiers, and aligning services to meet the educational needs of all students related to SB 515.


This person will be expected to adhere to the Clark County School District Professional Domains and Standards for Licensed Employees and report directly to the Coordinator, Office of Student Adjudication, Education Services Division.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

This list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.

  1. Identify problems in a child’s living situation (home, school, and community) that may affect the child’s adjustment, ability, and attendance in the educational setting.
  1. Conduct home visits and meet with families regularly.
  2. Develop and facilitate weekly support groups and provide students with strategies to cope with and overcome challenges impacting school performance.
  3. Help to ensure parents’ understanding of District decisions, policies, and procedures.
  4. Identify, mobilize, and coordinate school and community resources to enable students to learn as effectively as possible in the educational setting.
  5. Contribute knowledge, skills, and techniques in the areas of mental health and human behavior to parents and school team members.
  6. Develop and implement parent support groups and activities.
  7. Attend and participate in department meetings, in-services, and trainings.
  8. Plan, conduct, and participate in educational workshops and presentations.
  9. May serve as a member of school teams and provide information related to planning for the educational needs of children.
  10. Perform other duties related to the position, as assigned.


Minimum Requirements   

  1. Eligible licensed social or other mental health workers are defined as the following: (a) Licensed Clinical Social Worker; (b) Social Worker; (c) Social Worker Intern with Supervision; d) Clinical Psychologist; (e) Psychologist Intern with Supervision;  (f) Family Therapist; (g) Mental Health Counselor; (h) Community Health Worker;  (i) School-Based Health Centers; and (j) Licensed Nurse.
  2. Possess working knowledge of behavior management principles including data collection and analysis.
  1. Possess working knowledge of community-based mental health services and mental health providers within Clark County.
  2. Possess a working knowledge of mental health diagnoses and potential behavioral manifestations.
  3. Demonstrate cultural competence.
  4. Effective oral and written communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills to work with various groups such as other team members, school-based intervention teams, hospital treatment teams, and families.
  5. Demonstrate leadership abilities with respect to planning, developing, and implementing transition services and supports for students.


Preferred Requirements 

  1. Possess a current license issued by the Board of Examiners for Social Workers; a master’s degree in Social Work from a university that has been accredited by the Council on Social Work Education; and, must have a valid license issued from the Nevada State Department of Education as a K-12 School Social Worker.
  1. Completed three years of successful experience as a social worker or other mental health professional.
  2. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  3. Knowledge and successful experience working with diverse student populations.



This is a nine-month position. Placement will be on the Teacher’s Salary Schedule.